Pets As Therapy: Meet Yvonne and Rosy

Pets As Therapy

Yvonne Gosling, from Carnock in Fife, has been a Pets As Therapy volunteer for over 20 years, first getting involved with her pet Shih Tzu, William.

Husband And Wife Team

Her husband, Malcolm, signed up some five years later, and today the couple help new volunteers to find suitable establishments to visit.

They also make their own visits, taking along with them Rosy, their eight-year-old shih tzu.

“Malcolm and Rosy visit Bandrum Nursing Home, which was the home of Annie S. Swan, a writer for the ‘Friend’ for many years,” Yvonne said.


“Rosy also helps me with three special needs classes in Pitreavie Primary School in Dunfermline. The children teach her songs and how to count, and they read with her and take her for walks in the playground.”

The husband and wife PAT team work with the Richmond Fellowship, an organisation devoted to people with mental health issues, attend four branches of Alzheimer Scotland, and go along to the annual national KidsOut event for disabled children and their carers.

A special visit to the ‘Friend’

Yvonne and Rosy joined staff and guests at “The People’s Friend” 150th anniversary celebration in Dundee in January.

“I’ve been an avid reader for fifty years, so was delighted to meet everyone.

“People were so welcoming and very interested to hear all about Rosy’s visits – and, of course, get a cuddle.”

Rosy arriving at the party

It was a big event for the little dog, and her first outing since being a hospital patient.

“Rosy is the sweetest-natured dog you could wish for, always looking to please,” Yvonne explained.

“She is slowly recovering from autoimmune haemolytic anaemia.

“She needed two blood transfusions, and was in the hospital for nine days.”

We’re certainly delighted to hear that she’s on the mend!

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