Lisa’s Time Toying With Crochet


Before I went on maternity leave last year, I blogged about my attempt to crochet a cuddly sheep.

It looked great so I set out to make another stuffed toy for Isla, who was born on November 9.

I had reacquainted myself with creating amigurumi (crocheted or knitted soft toys) for the sheep project. But the chameleon was more complicated. He — his name is Curtis — was made up of various vibrant colours.

At one point, with five bright colours on the go, it looked as though I was creating a woolly map of the London Underground!


Photograph by Lisa Crow.

Worryingly wonky

I’m not sure I have the knack for working different colours in rounds. Instead of a straight line where the colours merge, mine was worryingly wonky.

However, Isla is not a harsh critic when it comes to my crochet skills! As long as I give her milk and cuddles she is more than happy!

My latest project is a stuffed owl for her first birthday. Watch this space for details on how that turned out . . .

The pattern for Curtis came from “Baby Crochet: Adorable Makes You’ll Love To Create”, which is published by Aceville and priced £9.99.

It came with six balls of wool and a double-ended crochet hook.

The wool supplied with the magazine could be used to make Curtis The Chameleon or a choice of three other patterns.

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