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Incredible Iceland

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From glittering glaciers to beautiful black beaches, Iceland is a wonderful place to visit. Join Gilly Pickup as she enjoys the wonders of the land of ice and fire.

We’ll tag along as Gilly goes on a tour of Snæfellsnes, or “Snow Mountain”, a wild wonderland of geothermal activity. The Snæfellsnes peninsula shot to fame thanks to Jules Verne in his sci-fi novel “Journey To The Centre Of The Earth“.

This area is also home to Arctic terns – thousands of them. They fly from their breeding grounds at the Antarctic – an annual round trip of 40,000 miles. Just don’t get too close – the birds are very protective of their young.

Also on the itinerary is a visit to the volcanic Lake Mývatn, where nature baths are heated naturally with mineral-rich water. This is a popular film location, too, and will be familiar to fans of “Game Of Thrones” and “Star Wars“.

Who Dares Wins

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The 24th Winter Olympic Games take place from February 4-20 in Beijing, China, and all eyes will once again be on Team GB’s athletes to see if they can beat their five-medal win at PyeongChang’s 2018 Games.

Since the first competitive events in 1924 in Chamonix, France, golds have been won in figure skating, skeleton racing and curling. Bobsleigh and ice hockey teams have also stood on the centre podium listening to our national anthem.

As we count down to the 2022 Winter Olympics, Lorna Cowan recalls Team GB’s past medallists.

Wildlife Writer Brian Jackman

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Photograph by Brian Jackman.

It was a trip and an encounter that was to change his life for ever. When Brian Jackman set foot in Africa for the first time, and got up close to a lion, he knew this was where he was meant to be.

Brian spent three years of his life under canvas in the continent that became a home from home. As a travel writer, Brian’s work took him all over the globe. Along the way he saw many wildlife wonders.

As a pioneer of eco-tourism, Brian has championed protecting the natural world while enjoying its marvels.

Now, the award-winning writer has shared his remarkable adventures in a new book, “West With The Light: My Life In Nature“. Bill Gibb finds out more.

Elsewhere in Special 218, we have a collection of recipes to make amazing cakes for special occasions. Plus we have a pattern to make an Icelandic mittens and cowl set to keep you cosy.

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