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Beautiful Bulgaria

Special 226

Photograph by Dianne Boardman.

Dianne Boardman finds herself enchanted by the daily ritual of the mountain goats in scenic Bansko. Every evening, she and her fellow hotel guests in Bulgaria loved watching the goats coming home after a day’s grazing in the high pastures of the Pirin Mountains. Hurtling down the hill in a cloud of dust and jingling bells, the goats are a sight to see.

Dianne loved the mix of traditional and modern in Bulgaria, marvelling as shiny four-wheeled drives, and horses and carts each contributed to local traffic.

The grandeur of the mountains and ancient monasteries that seem to grow out of the rocks contribute to the beauty of the area. Many tourists enjoy a day walking in the hills followed by a meal and glass of good red wine. Read more about it in Special 226.

Watatunga Wildlife Reserve

Special 226

Photograph courtesy of Watatunga Wildlife Reserve.

Watatunga Wildlife Reserve is a remarkable place, where you can take a buggy ride to see birds and animals from the UK and across the globe.

You’ll feel uplifted by the sightings of rare species and glorious landscapes and you’ll be supporting conservation of threatened species while you’re there.

In the magazine, Susie Kearley finds out more about how Ed Pope’s reserve in West Norfolk is supporting animals on the edge of extinction.


Special 226

Photograph courtesy of Narvenka Noyce and Future4Fairgrounds.

The sight of a fair being constructed in our local town is a familiar one, says Gillian Harvey. The lights, colour, and excitement in the air. Then the fair itself, providing entertainment for both children and adults.

But have you ever thought about what happens behind the scenes? The hectic schedule, time on the road, the organisation and hard work that keeps these businesses running?

In Special 226, Gillian chats to the lady showmen of Future4Fairgrounds, who are determined that the show must go on.

Underwater Photographer

Special 226

Photograph courtesy of Mark Kirkland.

Getting that perfect shot requires skill, a bit of luck and a lot of patience on the part of the photographer. And when it comes to the latter, Mark Kirkland definitely pushed the limits. He spent hours, night after night, lying in mud and often in the rain to achieve a wildlife shot with a difference: frogs in an urban environment.

It was all worth it in the end, as “While You Sleep” won talented amateur Mark the title of British Underwater Photographer of the Year 2021. It’s just one of the many amazing images underwater specialist Mark has in his portfolio.

Bill Gibb discovers the amazing depths Mark goes to in order to capture the perfect picture.

Elsewhere in Special 226, we have some recipes for sweet treats to post to friends and family. Plus we have a crochet pattern to make Highland cattle toys.

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