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In The Arctic Circle

Special 234

Photograph by Solange Hando.

Solange Hando chases the Northern Lights and revels in snow-capped mountains and glistening fjords on a trip to Tromso.

We will wake to a sprinkling of snow before heading out to explore a city where we’ll spot statues and street art before marvelling at the historic wooden houses.

A highlight of our stay is the Arctic Cathedral. Built in 1965 and barely the size of a chapel, it glints with mosaics and glass, with steep roofs down to the ground.

While we drive around the area, lonely farms and hamlets pop out of the snow like something from a fairy tale.

Find out more about this beautiful part of the world in the magazine.

Highland Wildlife Park

Special 234

Photograph courtesy of RZSS.

The history of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland stretches back to 1909, when it was founded by lawyer Thomas Gillespie.

Four years later, Edinburgh Zoo opened on an 85-acre site just a short hop from the heart of the city.

The society bought the Highland Wildlife Park after a further 73 years. Situated in the Cairngorms National Park, it houses over 200 different species and is ideally placed to offer homes to animals that prefer wilder weather and accommodation!

Arctic foxes, wolves and reindeer share the park with polar bears, Scottish wildcats and two snow leopards. Many of them relish a sprinkling of snow.

In Special 234, Features Ed Alex finds out why winter is a magical time for Vickie Larkin and the residents of the Highland Wildlife Park.

A Trip To Toyland

Special 234

Photograph by Pat Coulter.

What’s as thrilling as being a kiddie in a sweetie shop? Well, how about a kiddie in a toy shop?

In Special 234, Pat Coulter is on the ultimate “memory lane” trip, anticipating her visit to the Brighton Toy and Model Museum.

It’s a magical place where youngsters can marvel at vintage toys and models – and those of more mature years can relive fond memories of their favourites from long ago.

Join Pat as she visits what is considered to be one of the best toy museums in the world.

A Clean Sweep

Special 234

Photograph by Willie Shand.

As we face up to the challenges of global warming, you’d hardly believe that between the 16th and 18th centuries, Britain was in the depths of a “Mini Ice Age”.

Temperatures plunged as rivers, lochs, and even our surrounding seas froze over.

No surprise then that, with so many lochs scattered across Scotland, folk took to the idea of sliding rocks across the ice to see who could get closer to a target.

In the magazine, Willie Shand brushes up on the history of curling, one of Scotland’s favourite winter sports.

Elsewhere in Special 234, we have a collection of delicious vegetarian recipes that are perfect for a festive feast. Plus we have craft projects to make a festive table decoration and a homemade card.

We hope you enjoy it. Let us know what you think.

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