A Time To Reap – Episode 22

A Time To Reap

On the other side of the road was the school that Sadie would go to when she was five, although there was a rumour that the council wanted to close it. In which case she’d have to go all the way into town – a horrible thought.

It must be break time, because the children were out in the playground.

Some were playing hopscotch and others were involved in some running-around game, bumping into each other and making a lot of noise.

June shuddered to think of her little girl in the middle of them.

Next door to the school was the church. The minister had paid them a visit and had seemed very nice.

She passed the hall which she’d been in for the WRI meeting. They’d been a friendly crowd who made her welcome.

If they’d thought it odd that she was there with her husband and her baby they hadn’t said.

Well, they’d be seeing a lot more of Tam and Sadie once rehearsals started for the drama competition!

The pavement came to an end. She turned and retraced her steps.

The shop was still busy and Sadie was still asleep, her tiny fist tucked under her chin.

June had to go into the shop – there were several grocery items she needed and she also had her family allowance to collect.

There was only one thing for it. She put the brake on the pram and gently lifted Sadie up.

When June stepped through the door and set the bell jangling, the baby opened startled eyes and howled.

June shushed her, rocking her back and forth. Then, before she knew what was happening, one of the customers – a lady she recognised from the WRI night – scooped Sadie up.

“I’ll mind the bairn, Mrs Morrison. You get on with your shopping.” She laid Sadie over her shoulder in a capable manner and patted her on the back.

June opened her mouth to protest but the other customers were kindly urging her forward.

Unwilling to make a fuss, she went to the front of the queue. She asked Nancy for what she wanted, feeling her voice shake.

As she moved to the post office part of the shop she saw that Sadie had calmed down and was engaged in chewing on the lady’s scarf.

Nancy handed over the family allowance.

“Babies are a worry, aren’t they? Wait until you’ve got half a dozen. You’ll be too busy to worry about them!”

June smiled back through gritted teeth. Nancy couldn’t know that Sadie was going to be June’s one and only.

Abigail Phillips

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