Mallorcan Magic – Episode 15

Danny Carpenter looked shamefaced when Eira let herself into the apartment and the children left their jigsaw puzzle to give her a hug apiece.

“I forgot to tell you we’d fixed a date for the decorators to move in. My apologies, but there’s been a lot happening.”

“It’s fine. Sue already told me, so I’ll make a start while you’re out. I imagine I should pack all the children’s summer clothes, plus a selection of books and toys?”

“Yes, thanks. We can leave clothing we don’t need here, if it’s properly stored.”

“Your appointment’s at eleven, isn’t it? Raoul said he’d wait downstairs.” Danny checked his watch.

“I suppose we should make a move.”

Eira, conscious of her boss’s gaze on her, gently shooed Louise off to the family bathroom while Richard sped away to the little cloakroom.

“Already, you’re doing a grand job. Thank you,” Danny said.

“I know it won’t be plain sailing,” she said. “They’ll probably wake up looking for Sue. But I think I can cope.”

He moved closer. Something in his eyes told her this was a troubled man. Was he worrying over a business matter? Or was it something personal?

She longed to put her arms around him, but how could she? For moments they faced each other, electricity sparking between them, so intense Eira knew Danny must feel it, too.

Louise erupted into the room.


The spell was broken, but Eira had sensed something that sent warning signals. It was exciting and terrifying. But Danny Carpenter could never be for her.


Danny and the children returned to find baggage and packing cases stacked in the hallway.

“You’ve done wonders.” Danny eyed his nanny’s efforts. “I’m sorry we took a long time but the children were invited to visit the classes they’d be joining.”

“Did you give them lunch?”

“We had a very good lunch, thank you. I hope you stopped for a snack.” She hesitated.


“Well, I wasn’t that hungry, so it seemed sensible to keep working.”

“Let’s go down to the pool café. The children can sit quietly and play I Spy with me while you eat.”


“No buts,” Danny said. “I need you to keep your strength up.”

Before she knew it, they were all in the lift, descending to the ground floor, with Lulu and Richard chattering about the children they’d met.

Danny leaned close to whisper in her ear, sending her senses spiralling.

“Let’s hope they’re still longing to go to school when the new term comes around. I’m almost tempted to let them start on Monday, if the head teacher agrees.”

“It’s a thought, except for having to drive them from the villa and back.”

“True. Bad timing. Maybe I’ll ring and ask if they can spend a couple of hours at their new school on the last day of term. Give them something to look forward to.”

“You were impressed by the school?”

“I was, particularly with the English teacher, who will also be Lulu’s class teacher. Her name’s Helen Kerr. She told me you were staying with her and then I remembered you told me your friend, Helen, taught there.”

Eira stepped from the lift ahead of him.

“Lulu! Richard! Don’t run off, please, you two. Your daddy wants you to sit down with him and play a game.”

Danny stayed silent, waiting, she knew, to hear what she had to say.

The café, with the lunchtime rush over, appeared quiet.

“Hey, you two, as you didn’t have a pudding earlier, how about an ice-cream?” Danny pulled out a chair for Eira while the children settled themselves.

“Helen and I were at school together,” Eira told Danny. “She’s very conscientious. You won’t regret your decision.”

She picked up her glass of iced lemonade and sucked through the striped straw.

He hesitated.

“I hope I haven’t made things difficult for you, insisting we all move to the villa. But I think you’ll agree the apartment could use a lick of paint.”

“From what I’ve heard of the villa, you’ll have much more than that in mind!”

He leaned back in his chair and smiled.

“You’re beginning to relax. You’re challenging me, and I rather like it.”

She stared back at him, horrified. This man unsettled her emotions whenever he came within orbit. She mustn’t let her resolve slip, no matter what. How long would she last in her new job, unless she controlled her ragged emotions?

Much to Eira’s relief, Danny had been invited to attend a formal dinner that evening. She assumed Raoul would drive him to Palma and collect some fortunate lady en route to the smart hotel where the function would take place.

She kept Lulu and Richard busy after their six o’clock supper, playing simple card games, while their father got ready.

He appeared, to kiss his children goodnight, around eight o’clock, looking so handsome in his dinner jacket, Eira was convinced he would soon be introducing the perfect replacement for the first Mrs Carpenter.

It was “Jane Eyre” all over again, Eira thought, while washing up. She’d landed in the same plight as the unfortunate governess, pining over Mr Rochester while he dallied with beautiful Blanche Ingram, tearing poor, plain Jane’s heart to shreds. If it weren’t so pitiful, it would be comical.


Tracey Steel

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