Writing Prompt Story Starter: “You dancing?”

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“Are you dancing?” Words that we’re all familiar with that can conjure up the images of dancehalls and romance. There’s so much potential for a romantic story, a dramatic one or even one from a male point of view.

Dancehall Days

A popular setting for a story are the dancehalls of yesteryear. Young men shyly asking someone to dance, Brylcreem, sharp suits and live bands can all add layers to your story.

A great way to bring your characters to life is to immerse them in the full experience. Is the music too loud? Does your main character have sore feet because they’re wearing their new dancing shoes? Is the dancefloor sprung? All these details can add real depth your storyline and characters.

It also helps to set the scene if you’re writing a period story. The fashions, the songs, the etiquette and even the transport to get there.

Will your story be a romance? One about friendship or even a mystery?

Disco Days

There’s more to dancefloors than just the ballrooms of the 50s and 60s! Let’s go disco! Think of the music, the clothes and even what was happening in the world at that time of disco in the 70s and 80s.

Lessons In Love

Another story idea to feature some dancing shoes is one set in a dance class. What a great way to meet people or find love. Again it could be set in any era.  You can choose the kind of dancing and even the music. Think about where it’s all taking place too.

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