7 Hearty Pie Recipes for Cold Winter Days

Quorn steak pie in a white dish, the filling visible through a hole in the pastry lid.

With winter well and truly setting in, we’ve rounded up seven of our favourite pie recipes to inspire your cooking this week.

There’s nothing quite like sitting down to enjoy a piping hot pie when the temperature drops.

Whether meat, fish or veg-filled, pastry encased or potato topped, a pie is the ultimate comfort food for long winter days.

Now, we’re not shy about celebrating our long heritage here at “The People’s Friend” but fair’s fair, when it comes to pie, you’ve got to go much further back than our earliest issues to find its origins.

The first ever known pie recipe was published by the Romans – for a rye-crusted goat’s cheese and honey pie. Which, frankly, sounds absolutely delicious.

No wonder we’re still baking them centuries down the line!

Which one of these takes your fancy?

1. Vegetarian Steak and Ale Pie

No, you didn’t read that wrongly! This pie uses Quorn steak instead of beef, making it the ideal choice for those who enjoy the traditional taste of a pie – without wanting the meat.

Get the Vegetarian Steak and Ale Pie recipe here.

2. Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd's Pie in a blue and white dish

Shepherd’s Pie. Photograph courtesy of Mash Direct.

An ultimate pie list wouldn’t pass muster without the inclusion of this absolute classic. Our recipe uses some time-saving ingredients but these are easily subbed out for regular veg if you’re keeping an eye on the pennies!

Get the Shepherd’s Pie recipe here.

3. Cheese and Onion Pie

This pie recipe holds a special place in our hearts. A cheese and onion pie (or ‘peh’) is a staple food in Dundee, where you’ll find “Friend” HQ. Give this traditional recipe a whirl for a real taste of Scotland.

Get the Cheese & Onion Pie recipe here.

4. Crabbie’s Steak Pie

Crabbie's Ginger Beer steak pie in a blue and white dish with a glass of ginger beer, ice and lime on the side.

Crabbie’s steak pie. Image courtesy of Crabbie’s Ginger Beer.

The traditional steak and mushroom pie gets a boozy reboot with a special ingredient: Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer. It gives a subtle kick that really adds depth to the flavour.

Get the Crabbie’s Steak Pie recipe here.

5. Individual Steak & Kidney Pies

When it comes to the best pie recipes for winter days, this British classic could be just the ticket. Mrs Beeton was first to put the winning combination of steak and kidney down on paper – in 1859, no less – and, while offal is a rare addition to home cooking these days, these simple little pies will be sure to delight a connoisseur.

Get the Individual Steak & Kidney Pies recipe here.

6. Fish Pie

Fish pie in blue and white dish on a checked cloth with cutlery beside it.

Fish pie. Image courtesy of Castle MacLellan.

A warming fish pie is just the thing if you can’t be faffed with pastry. This version is extra rich and flavoursome thanks to the addition of a secret ingredient: salmon pâté.

Get the Fish Pie recipe here.

7. Broccoli and Seafood Pie

Prawns, salmon, egg and Tenderstem broccoli combine in this favour-packed alternative to a classic fish pie. It’s buttery, cheesy, potatoey heaven!

Get the Broccoli and Seafood Pie recipe here.

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